Pierre Bensusan Celebrates 35th Career Anniversary with 10th Solo Album, Vividly

November 16, 2010

0.0000.aabensusanFollowing his 9th solo guitar instrumental album, Intuite, which won several awards, and Altiplanos, which made Pierre the  winner of Guitar Player magazine's 2008 Reader's Choice Award for Best World Music Guitar Player, Pierre Bensusan celebrates his 35th career anniversary by offering a 10th solo album, entitled Vividly.

Similar to the previous 9 albums, the title of this new opus is contained in one name, one word, one vivid image, that evokes a feeling of contentedness in the world.

It indeed takes almost a world of life between each of Pierre's albums, a reflection of an artist in constant, rapidly-moving diversity and transition... an artist who each time offers a touch of blue sky, who constantly proposes new music of a different color and nature.

Pierre's new album is a showcase of his rich and multi-cultural world, where guitar instrumentals share the spectrum with songs (in French and English). Most lyrics are written by his wife, Doatea Cornu Bensusan, who also shares with Pierre the production of this album, as in his previous albums. The words that Pierre sings are about freedom, tolerance, human interactions, fears, challenges, initiation and transformation, combined with original music that covers a vast ground where spirituality and geography are always combined in unique tapestries.

Pierre's process is almost always the same. Ideas come to maturity after years of incubation, and find their way to the fretboard and into written scores. All the music of Vividly is original, and arrangements will be available from this website, in the original DADGAD tuning, but also gradually in Standard tuning, transcribed by Roland Gallery.

Pierre's instrumentals "Vividly", "Kiss Landing", "Dadgad Cafe", "Night Light", "Pirogue", and "Astres & Gnomes" display the signature of a composer who continues to astonish us by the pertinence of his musical, orchestral melodic and open vocabulary, and rich depth -- where virtuosity disappears behind pure emotion.

For the first time, Pierre sings the lyrics of a song called: "La Java du Concessionaire" (a story of misfortune with a car breakdown), music coming straight from his "Musette" heritage, the Paris accordion music that his father's generation used to listen to, and on which he grew up, among other sounds.

In Vividly, Pierre plays on his brand new Signature guitar model, The New Lady, designed by Northern Irish luthier Georges Lowden, on his original Lowden guitar, The Old Lady, on his Baby Guitar by Californian luthier Bruce Potter, and his archtop jazz model, The Altiplanos by Luthier from Montreal, Michael Greenfield.

Pierre has invited a few guests such as the Chinese ErHu master, Gan Guo playing on 2 songs (the ErHu is the traditional 2-string violin), Franck Sitbon on keyboards, and violinist Jacky Molard on The In Between. Pierre, at times, plays also the bass, percussion and sings harmonies.

Vividly has been recorded and mixed by Stephane Lecyn, in Pierre's home studio in the countryside, near Chateau-Thierry, one hour east of Paris between January and August 2010.

Available November 22nd: Click Here to Pre Order on Amazon.com.

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