Perimeter Sound Arts Sample CDs Available as Downloads

November 11, 2005

The Sample CDs available in these downloadable loop packs are:

  • Abstract World Fusion
  • Bio-Mechanic Beats
  • Brain Danse
  • Disturbance: Dark Soundscapes
  • Escapism: Dream Factory
  • Kunundrum: Encroaching Technology
  • Navarakan: Exotic Melodica
For each of these titles, the loops are grouped into categories, such as Drum Beat Loops, Percussion Loops, Ambient & Soundscape Loops, Melodic Loops, Bass Loops, Synth Loops, Guitar Loops, Other Loops. Each bundle contains 50+MB of content.

Perimeter Sound Arts also announced that Todd Milne has finished updating and revising the 2nd edition of his Scale and Chord Matrix music theory book, and it is available now through the Perimeter website. The whole book has been revamped with a better layout, including guitar fretboard maps, graphic illustrations of the step pattern of each scale, graphic illustrations of the modal relationships between the scales, and a drone CD to practice and learn to.

Also new this month on the Perimeter Sound website, a conversational interview with SynthEdit synth design master Ugo, aka Chris Sciurba, get some history on Chris, and hear about what he's up to these days, including information about his soon to be released Metallurgy effect plug-in, and he even mentions his next project after that. Find out more by reading the interview.

For more information, visit their web site at

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