Paul Barrere on That Little Feat Feel

June 1, 2009
How does that affect the guitar parts?

[Second guitarist] Fred Tackett and I are free to float in and out, and pick our spots. You can get very creative when you’re not just playing the same riff over and over all the way through Chuck Berry-style. Our old arrangement collaborator, Van Dyke Parks, used to emphasize that spaces were just as important as notes. That became our rhythm guitar mantra—find those little niches that will push and pull that shuffle along. Once you’ve captured the groove, it’s easy to fill in the blanks. The lead instrument can really soar.

How do the extended solo sections work?

We incorporate entry lines and exit lines into the solo sections, and anything goes in between. The band is liable to play anything from Dixieland jazz to headbanging rock and roll during the jams. You have to listen very carefully during your solo because you never know which bed is going to be made for you to rock on.

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