Orion Effekte Deluxe Motor Fuzz

September 20, 2011

259 euros retail (appx. $367 U.S.)

KNOBS Pegel (Volume), Klang (Tone), Verzerrung (Sustain), Dampfung (Gain), Mode (Normal/Dirty)

SOUNDS Wow! The Motor Fuzz somehow manages to produce fat, robust, and creamy fuzz sonics, as well as a snappy, cut-through-the-band attack, and these fabulous buzzy oscillations that keep the tones sounding mean and twisted. All manner of sonic carnage seems possible here—such as the bizarro melding of a flutey “Over Under Sideways Down” timbre with the spiky psychedelics of “In-A-Gadda- Da-Vida” that I dialed in just for fun.

WHO’S IT FOR? Until the Deluxe Motor Fuzz is widely distributed in America, it’s likely going to attract mostly boutique-minded tone seekers with patience, perseverance, and a few extra bucks in their pockets. But for those with the fortitude to get their hands on this vicious little machine, the rewards are awesome.

CONTACT orion-fx.com

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