Orange Box Phaser

March 22, 2011

gp0311_gear_4664_nrPerhaps the most popular phaser ever, the MXR Phase 90 has been a sonic staple for nearly 40 years, and the Orange Box Phaser ($170 retail/ $130 street) apes the classic swoosh box to a “T.” Sporting a single Rate control, the Orange Box gave me everything I needed, including subtle washes that were equal parts vocal and chewy. At its slowest setting, the Orange Box exhibits an achingly slow sweep that is useful for everything from dainty arpeggiated rhythms to distorted solos à la Van Halen. As the phase arcs up and down, there is nary a bump of detuned modulation anywhere, and the Orange Box is stunningly quiet. As I cranked the pedal, the tones oozed with a watery drip that is not only useful, but supremely musical. In fact, the Orange Box sounds so good you may have a hard time turning it off. Bravo!















gp0311_gear_4673_nrKUDOS Ultra-musical phase shifting in every setting. Quiet.












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