Nose Pedal Readying Effects Pedals for Late-2012 Release

September 24, 2012
imgNose Pedal offers small, compact, and even passive pedals that add on to your pedalboard and other effects pedals to gain more use and ease from your gear.
Nose Pedal utility pedals offer a wide variety of models ranging from expression controllers, volume pedals, multiple true bypass loopers, line switchers, and more. These pedals are all built, wired, and painted by hand so that every pedal has a unique touch and place with its owner.

• Large knobs for expressions and volumes to be controlled by the players feet.
• Super affordable pricing on pedals currently starting at just $29.99.
• All hand painted to give the utility pedal uniqueness and coolness on your board.
• Offering custom shop pedals. Built by us, designed by you.

Based out of Nashville, TN, Nose Pedal has already grown with excitement in the music industry community with guitar players, artists, producers, and hobbyists. You can see the pedals and talk shop in the local and popular boutique guitar shop, Rock Block Guitars, right in downtown Nashville.

In gaining much popularity, Nose Pedal is now developing their line of effects pedals to start being released in the final months of 2012. Check out their website,, for the upcoming effects pedals to be demonstrated in videos and read about the quality of parts and sound as well as the creative hand crafted joy that goes into each pedal.
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