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December 21, 2005

And while we certainly made a few gaffes—hey, it was our first time doing an extravaganza of this magnitude—the event proved there’s an enthusiastic community of players of all ages who dig learning about techniques and gear, and, of course, hanging out with stars. We presented thrilling seminars with masters such as Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Adrian Belew, Lisa Loeb, Jon Brion, Arif Mardin, Doug Wimbish, Robbie Gennet, and Shawn Pelton—all held in intimate rooms where attendees could enjoy close and casual interactions. Paul Green’s School of Rock classes brought in bunches of excited teenagers—delightfully carrying their instruments with them to every manufacturer booth and seminar room—and the Les Paul Tribute and Celebration Concert dazzled the audience at the legendary Roseland Ballroom. We’ll share the highlights with you via a photo essay in the next issue. Don’t miss it.

I’m further pleased to announce that Guitar Player won the 2005 Silver Prize at Folio magazine’s coveted Eddie Awards in November. These consumer-publication accolades are a huge deal in the publishing industry, and I bow long and low to the GP staff for the creative energy it expended to snatch this fabulous honor. Hooray!

On a less-than-groovy note, it seems that several of our subscribers have received “renewal notices” from a company doing business as Magazine Billing Services, Publishers Billing Services, and other names, with P.O. Boxes in San Luis Obispo, Salt Lake City, and other places. These firms have not been authorized to sell subscriptions, or to send any bills for GP, and we can’t guarantee that orders sent to them will ever find their way to us. If you are ever unsure of the authenticity of a GP subscription renewal notice, please call our Customer Service department toll free at 1-800-289-9839, and renew your subscription directly.

I must also alert all the wonderful readers who ordered GP’s “Guitarists for Tsunami Relief” t-shirts, that (incredibly) UNICEF was no longer accepting donations for this disaster when we attempted to deliver your donations. Happily, Habitat for Humanity has agreed to receive the benefit of your goodness. I’m sorry for the switcheroo, but your donations will find their way to the little ones who continue to need help.

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