New Hammerfall DSP Multiface II from RME

April 5, 2005

Some significant changes were made to the electrical circuitry, where several features of the Fireface have been incorporated:

  • Hi-power headphone output with volume knob and 119 dBA SNR
  • Analog input stages with improved CMRR, lower THD and increased S/N ratio by almost 10 dB
  • Analog output stages with significantly lower THD
The now synchronized and more effective internal switching power supply has been taken from RME's OctaMic. The reference level of the analog inputs and outputs can now be changed with two separate switches on the front panel, and no longer requires changing an internal jumper setting.

The ADAT Sync interface (D-sub) on the back of the unit has been removed, since it is hardly being used any more. The added space allowed the analog TRS jacks to be spaced further apart, so that even eight Neutrik jacks now fit side by side. Additionally, the cable hook used on other RME products, used to secure power and audio cables, has been added.

The new enclosure has the same design and depth as the one of the RME ADI-2. This allows for a more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and facilitating production. The price of the Multiface remains unchanged.

Delivery of the Multiface II is expected summer of 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at

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