New Guitar and Bass Cabinets from AxeTrak

August 19, 2005

The main feature that sets these cabinets apart from any other guitar or bass cabinet is the fact that these cabinets provide a true mic'd low impedance output for recording or stage miking. Each of these cabinets contain an in-cabinet AxeTrak recorder. This means that you will never again be caught on stage without a mic for your guitar amp. Bass players will never again need a DI for mikng or recording their bass rigs.

Both of these cabinets have a toggle switch that lets the user choose between stage mode and silent mode. Silent mode allows the user to record the natural sound of their amp, effects and pedals at any time without being heard by their neighbors.

The in-cabinet AxeTrak uses a special high-end driver designed exclusively for this application by Eminence Speaker. Along with the drivers there is a meticulously mounted dynamic microphones. Plus the in-cabinet AxeTrak is 100% analog and doesn't require batteries or a power supply.

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