Native Instruments Announces Kontakt Experience

July 7, 2005

Kontakt Experience includes 128 new instruments that cover a wide range of musical styles and include lead synths, bass, vocal sounds, drum kits, pads, guitars, various construction kits, and much more. Due to extensive use of the Kontakt Script Processor (KSP), the unique programmable MIDI processing module in Kontakt 2, the instruments offer outstanding playability and a strong creative edge that makes Kontakt Experience truly inspirational.

Included in Kontakt Experience are 10 new and highly useful KSP modules that are not only seamlessly integrated with the instruments in the collection, but can also be used with any other Kontakt 2 instrument, opening up new creative possibilities that are unheard of within a sampler. Additions include a versatile Chord Splitter, a full-featured Drum Computer, the unique Melodymaker, a Loop Designer, and more.

The 128 instruments of Kontakt Experience fall into the categories "Performances", "Motion & Pads", "Vocalized", "Harmonized", "Guitarized", "Exotic", "Melodic Loops", "Lead & Bass Synths", "Arpeggiated", and "Drumkits & Drumloops". The library comes with an extensive manual that includes detailed information on each instrument, including its "Quick Edit" parameter assignments and KSP functionality.

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