MXR Fullbore Metal

April 1, 2010

gp0410_gear8460The folks at MXR have spared no effort in packaging hellfire tones in their new Fullbore Metal ($170 retail/$99 street), which combines extremely high-gain distortion capability with an allencompassing EQ section that includes not only Low, Mid, and High controls, but also a variable Frequency control for the mids and a Scoop switch that delivers a preset boost to the lows and highs. Also included is a Gate switch that nukes high-gain noise (which there’s not much of) and facilitates tight, machine-like riffing. The gate was set very aggressively on our test model, but there’s an internal control for adjusting the trigger sensitivity. The Fullbore sports all-analog circuitry and true-bypass switching, and its compact enclosure wears a no-nonsense, brushed-aluminum finish. A 5.5mm x 2.1mm adapter jack allows use with an external power supply (not included), which might be a good option since access to the battery requires removing the bottom plate.

The Fullbore has a single-minded agenda and a few twists of the knobs was all it took to make the clean channel of our Kendrick BadAssMan 4x10 combo churn out a badass metal tone with gobs of sustain, eviscerated mids, and thumping lows. Riffs sound massive though this pedal, but even better, single-note lines also sound nice and meaty. There’s no shortage of output either, which you could find handy for driving long lengths of cable and/or pushing your amp into overdrive frenzy. The Frequency knob dramatically expands the range of the Mid control, and by sweeping them both around a bit it was easy to get wickedsounding tones with all of our guitars. The name says it all, and if you’re seeking a one-way ticket to the tone zones of Metallica or Pantera, the Fullbore Metal is something you’ll want to hear.

—Art Thompson


KUDOS Ultra-high gain. Powerful EQ. Lots of output.

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