Musicians Sound Design British Steel

December 3, 2007

The British Steel offers punishing output, and even with the Drive turned down you can get a huge amount of signal boost for overdriving an amp or mitigating line losses when driving long cables. This pedal walks the line between fuzz and distortion, delivering a tough-edged, tight-bottomed distortion sound that’s fairly reminiscent of overdriving a British tube amp with a treble booster. Accordingly, you can get a lot of glassy slice when you nudge the Tone control clockwise from its center position, but the rangy EQ isn’t squeamish about providing creamier textures, as well. Well suited for hard-rock players and old-school metalheads, the British Steel has a lot of the punchy dynamic vibe you expect from a good tube amp.

Kudos  Brute force distortion. Massive output. Excellent Tone control range.

Concerns  Removable battery hatch cover was quickly lost.

Contact  Musicians Sound Design, dist. By Godlyke, (866) 2godlyke; 

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