Morley Little Alligator PLA

March 14, 2005

The 3.3-lb Alligator boasts a solid-steel casing with a textured footpad, a Minimum Volume knob, a green power LED, and an easily accessible metal battery compartment. The Little Alligator is an electro-optical device that functions by regulating the amount of light that an LED (Light Emitting Diode) shines on an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)—and if you look inside, you can actually see the physical shutter doing its thing. Designed for use in an amp’s effects loop, as well as between a guitar and amp, it functioned satisfactorily in the latter setup.

The Little Alligator is supposed to have a “linear taper set to Steve Vai’s specifications,” but there’s actually a slight volume bump in the middle third of the pedal’s range—which is not a criticism, as the bump can be quite handy for typical volume swell effects, depending on your preference. The Minimum Volume knob mirrors the entire range, from fully on to fully off, allowing you absolute control. Although I noticed an extremely slight reduction in openness with the Little Alligator, I had to test it several times to confirm that impression, and overall the pedal’s operation was dead quiet.

KUDOS Well constructed. Dead quiet. Minimum Volume control. No mechanical noise. Works in FX loop.

CONCERNS Barely detectable tone sucking.

Price $139 retail/$69 street

CONTACT Morley/Sound Enhancements, (847) 639-4646

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