Moollon Distortion

March 1, 2005

With its engraved floral-pattern enclosure, the Distortion ($319 retail/street price N/A) is a flashback to the back-to-nature, tree-hugging ’70s. This Korean-made pedal sounds like a fat Tube Screamer, and, unlike a TS9, you can turn up the Tone control for more bite without compromising the low-end. The Distortion isn’t very tight sounding when you dig in with humbuckers on a heavy grind setting—it displays much better percussive qualities with single-coils—but, overall, the Distortion has a nice responsive feel with deeper bass and less midrange honk than a TS9. A nice aspect of this pedal is its buffer circuit, which minimizes ground/electrostatic noise and switch pops by converting the input signal to a low-impedance output signal, and also guarantees that if you decide to strut out into the parking lot tethered to a 50-foot guitar cord à la Guitar Slim, you won’t suffer a humiliating loss of highs.

KUDOS Natural overdriven amp sound.

CONCERNS A little flabby with humbuckers. Not a huge amount of gain.

CONTACT (011) 82-2-351-4201;

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