Mono M80 Case

February 26, 2008

At a touch over five lbs, the M80 sports two main compartments that, while not the roomiest pockets in the world, are loaded with a few cool stow-away spots. The pocket at the headstock offers fitted slots for screwdrivers or pens, and enough room for a small string-changing kit. There’s also a strap for hanging the M80 on a hook. The main pocket’s Velcro strap holds cords in place—a much-appreciated feature. There’s also an inner zipper pocket that I used for stashing a glass slide and extra picks. With a couple of 15-foot George L’s cables, a Boss TU-12H tuner, and about five packs of strings, the M80’s main pocket was pretty full, leaving barely enough room for my emergency, gig-saving SansAmp without overstuffing the pocket. Through a dozen or so gigs, the M80 has proven its toughness, although it will take a lot more outings to see how it really handles the gig grind.

Kudos Looks cool. Waterproof. Almost hard-shell protection.
Concerns None.
Contact Mono, (415) 830-5522; 

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