Minnetonka’s AudioTools™ AWE adds Leopard Support

February 28, 2008

“Many of our clients have already upgraded to Leopard so supporting it was a high priority for us,” said John Schur, President of MASI.

AudioTools AWE is the automated audio workflow engine for editing, format conversion, encoding, plug-in processing and processing through external I/O devices.  Processing chains can be auditioned and saved as templates.  Hot Folders automatically apply a complete processing workflow to any files placed in them.  AWE can process thousands of files off line which saves media organizations time and money, allowing them to be more productive.  

Master Bundle for AudioTools AWE is a suite of plug-ins specifically designed & integrated for use in Audio Workflow Engine: 

  • Minnetonka Audio's TimeStretch and PitchShift (powered by iZo­tope Radius)
  • iZotope’s Mastering EQ
  • iZotope’s Mastering Limiter
  • iZotope’s Mastering Reverb
  • iZotope’s Multi-Band Compres­sor

AudioTools AWE retails for $395.  Master Bundle for AudioTools AWE retails for $295. Both are available through MASI's international network of pro audio resellers, and https://secure.minnetonkasoftware.com/store.  For more information please visit www.minnetonkaaudio.com.

About Minnetonka Audio Software (MASI): Minnetonka Audio Software is a company of musicians and engineers with a passion for music and quality.  From SurCode™ surround encoders to the discWelder™ family of DVD-Audio authoring tools, our products are in use by top professionals around the world for video, broadcast, games, and CD/DVD production. Supported codecs include Dolby® Digital, Dolby Pro Logicä II, DTSä, and MLPä formats.

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