Miles Doughty’s Top Five Guitar Moments on Top of the World

December 13, 2012

Slightly Stoopid guitarist/bassist/vocalist Miles Doughty typically uses his ’91 and ’98 Fender Stratocasters, an Electro- Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb, and a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay to fuel his band’s alt-psychedelicpunk- hip-hop reggae riffs and rhythms. Formed in 1995 in Ocean Beach, California, by Doughty and his multi-instrumentalist buddy Kyle McDonald, Slightly Stoopid recently released its sixth studio album, Top of the World. —Matt Blackett

1 “Top of the World” started out as just an acoustic riff with a drum beat, and then we built it up with electric rhythms and licks. Guest starring on lead guitar is Paulo da Rosa from San Diego, who brought out the warmth in the song.

2 “I’m On Fire” was a 2:00 in the morning jam session. It was just vocals and guitar, and those tracks ended up being the performances on the record because of the overall vibe we got with a Fender Twin Reverb and a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. So it’s actually a live version with overdubs.

3 “Way You Move” was brought to new levels with the guest appearance of the one and only Ian Neville on lead guitar. The song is a bluesy, funk rhythm in the key of B that we typically use as an open onstage jam for bandmates and guests to have fun with.

4 “Rhythm Streets” gave me an opportunity to give a reggae rhythm a little bit more of an edge with an Ibanez Tube Screamer. I really wanted the guitar licks and leads to match the song’s dope horns.


5 “Just Thinking” is a hip-hop and funk rhythm with lots of licks and trippy sounds. There’s a cool electric-guitar part— it’s like a slide with delay that occurs in the intro and in between the verses—that almost gives the song that “Wicked Game” feel that Chris Isaak gets. Incorporating that guitar sound with the hiphop beat and the deep, smooth vocals of guest performer Chali 2na gives the song a stoney groove.

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