Mike Varney's Spotlight(2)

March 1, 2005

Joe Becker, Pete Reveen and Dave Cannaday
Credit: Dave.J.Hall, Rodin Lynn and Steve Polkowski

Joe Becker (left)

Age: 28

Style: Rock and Shred

Influences: Eddie Van Halen and Jason Becker

Main Guitar: Jackson

Location: Carpentersville, Illinois

Background: Joe Becker began playing at age four, and later was dubbed a child prodigy after appearing multiple times on Jonathan Brandmier’s radio show at ages seven, eight, and nine.

After years of honing his skills, Becker was invited in 2002 to contribute a track to Jason Becker’s tribute album, and made waves the following year for his instructional CD Shred 101. In 2004 becker provided some soundtrack music for the indie horror film Evil Awakening.

Becker is a very versatile and lyrical player who runs the gauntlet from shred to ear-catching, melodic instrumentals, at times bringing to mind players such as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson.

Contact: joecanreadthis@aol.com;

Joe Becker

Guitarist: Pete Reveen (middle)

Age: 40

Style: Rock

Influences: Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Gary Moore

Main Guitars: ’62 Fender Stratocaster, ’79 Gibson Firebird, and ’79 Gibson Les Paul

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Background: Pete Reveen got an early taste of show business accompanying his father, world-renowned magician/hypnotist Peter Reveen, on tours all over the world. Along with Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, Reveen was also seen by millions in Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” video, as well as being a member of Salty Dog, who released an album on Geffen in 1989.

Reveen is a classic rock player who has learned from his influences and brings a high level of professionalism and experience to the studio. Adept at slide, acoustic, and electric guitar, his versatility as a strong rhythm player and soloist would make him an asset to any classic rock band.

Contact: petereveen@yahoo.com

Guitarist: Dave Cannaday (right)

Age: 35

Style: Rock and Blues

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Freddie King, and Yngwie Malmsteen

Main Guitar: Fender Custom Shop


Location: Pacifica, California

Background: There was guitar music in Dave Cannaday’s household throughout his childhood, and his earliest recollections are of ’60s rock operas such as Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. After studying music for two years in college, he traded the academic life for life on the road as a musician, playing in Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and California.

As a soloist on his DC Blues Planet demo, Cannaday attacks the strings with a master’s touch and sounds like a combination of his influences, exhibiting taste overall and extreme chops where required. Currently he spends his days working at Manor Music in Pacifica where he enjoys being helping and influencing younger players.

Contact: keplingk@aol.com;

Mike Varney is a San Francisco Bay Area record producer and owner of Shrapnel, Blues Bureau, and Tone Center Records.

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