MI Effects Releases the Megalith Delta High-Gain Distortion Pedal

June 12, 2012
The quest for the ultimate in high-gain distortion continues for MI Effects with the announcement that the Megalith Delta high gain distortion pedal is ready to hit the streets on the 8th June. This highly anticipated release has a completely unique and original design, and will change the perception of high-gain distortion stomp boxes.

Michael Ibrahim, director of MI Audio, and pedal designer comments "The Megalith Delta high gain distortion pedal design came from years of R&D of our MI Amplification high gain amplifier, the Megalith Beta. It took some time for me to really understand the variables behind great high gain tones. But by designing the Megalith Beta amplifier from the ground up, I was able to really grasp how to make a complex, sophisticated high gain sound that kept all the nuances, huge bottom end and the clarity and character of the top end."

imgThe Megalith design originated with the very popular, and brutal, MI Amplification Megalith Beta amplifier. The 180W monster of an amp was designed to provide a sophisticated and complex high gain sound, ranging from clean to extreme high gain and all tones in between. Every nuance and design detail that was placed in the amplifier has been taken into consideration with the Megalith Delta, culminating into one of the tightest and aggressive distortion pedals on the market.

The Megalith Delta is a valve-like, JFET (transistor) interpretation of the Megalith amplifier providing the huge bottom end, along with the character and clarity of the top end that signifies the Megalith name. Not only has the preamp been painstakingly recreated, but the interaction of the power amp and phase inverter has also been considered to create a high gain sound unheard of in pedal form. 

Michael explains further, "The Megalith Delta pedal has the same structure as if it were another channel of the Megalith amplifier. What makes the amplifier stand above the rest is its incredibly flexible EQ section that allows the user to dial in every shade of brutal metal and hard rock that transforms your clean channel into a monster of high gain proportions."

The flexible and unique EQ section is comprised of three main controls; EQ SHIFT switch, THREE-BAND EQ and CONTOUR CONTROLS. The powerful THREE-BAND EQ, coupled with the three-position EQ SHIFT SWITCH (which shifts the EQís bands) allows for the minute control over different frequencies. Rounding out the EQ section is the CONTOUR control; a control that mimics the effect on the frequency response of the phase inverter in the power amp. One sweep of the CONTOUR goes from old-school; fat and midrangy, with a slightly rolled off top end, to a trademark modern high gain soundÖ the mids start to scoop out, and the sub-bass frequencies tighten up.

The foot-switchable GAIN BOOST simulates the feel of switching from mid-gain mode to high-gain mode as in the Megalith Beta amplifier, and provides added upper mids and tightness giving you extra harmonics and saturation.

• True bypass switching and foot-switchable GAIN BOOST.
• Battery connection and 9v DC only power jack.
• Controls: Volume, Gain, Contour, EQ Switch, Bass, Middle and Treble
• 3.6" x 4.6" in size (92mm x 117mm)
• 5 Year Warranty
• Matt black powder coated, durable white silkscreen.
• Completely original Megalith circuitry

$249.95 Street

Available from MI Effects dealers worldwide: www.mieffects.com/dealers.htm

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