Menatone Red Snapper

March 1, 2005

The Red Snapper ($140 retail/street price N/A) offers studly output and grind, and a highly interactive set of controls. For example, the powerful Cut control can sweep the sound from bassy to biting, and the Bite control enhances note detail when turned all the way up. With the Cut knob turned up, you also get more range from the Bite control, which can be helpful for maintaining clarity and punch with humbuckers. The Red Snapper has enough distortion range to handle just about any style, and the fact that it allows you to smooth out the top end without killing the crispness makes it a hip choice for anyone who appreciates a pedal that can be fine-tuned to suit various guitars and amps.

KUDOS Unusually effective EQ. Amazing price for a U.S.-made boutique pedal.


CONTACT (909) 460-5508;

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