Maxon AD999 Pro

October 24, 2011


Maxon’s AD999 Pro gives you pure analog delay tone, along with multi-head tape-delay emulations.
This slightly oversized analog pedal features Delay Time, Feedback, and Delay Level controls, and provides 900ms of genuine analog delay along with true-bypass switching. The pedal’s circuitry includes eight bucket brigade ICs, and the delay signal is fed through what Maxon describes as “proprietary RMS level sensor and companding noise-reduction circuitry,” which works very effectively to keep the noise down.

The most innovative feature on the AD999 Pro, however, is its Multi-Delay option, which is activated by flipping one or more of the three mini switches that reside below the main knobs. These kick in a variety of multitap echoes—including triplet and sixteenth- note rhythms—and can achieve a convincing simulation of a multi-head tape delay. Located below the output on the left side of the pedal is the Dry Output. Connecting a cable to it outputs a completely dry signal, while the Main output—which is otherwise a mix of wet and dry—becomes 100-percent wet.

Though the AD999 uses a proprietary 9-volt power supply, an internal voltage doubler ups it to 18 volts to feed the circuitry. This increases the headroom and allows the pedal to perform equally well in an effects loop or straight into the front of an amp. Also worth noting is that the power supply features a voltage- sensing circuit that can be adapted for international use by simply swapping out the cord that goes between the AC outlet and the supply.

I found the AD999 Pro’s sound to be warm, smooth, and very pleasing. It’s the only pedal in this roundup to lack a tap-tempo function, but if all you seek are rich, juicy analog and tape-style delay sounds, the AD999 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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