Matt Blackett's April 2013 Faves

March 25, 2013

Alex de Rosso
If you weren’t lucky enough to hear Italian badass Alex de Rosso when he was touring with Dokken, here’s your chance. De Rosso brings his funky, heavy, super-tight rhythm playing and his inventive soloing to the party here, as well as his great vocals and production chops. He burns more than he shreds and his tunes will remind you of when hard rock could really rock. He also brings along some of his heavyweight friends, like Steve Lukather, Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach, and George Freaking Lynch, and they all turn in kick-ass performances. Not to be missed! Bravissimo! Defox.


Heavy Mellow
I watched Ben Woods backstage at the recent Jason Becker benefit do killer, nylon-string renditions of “Sails of Charon” for Uli Jon Roth and “Bark at the Moon” for Gus G, killing it both times. He then went onstage and blazed in front of a packed SF house. You can hear flamenco-style readings of those tunes, along with Yngwie, Kiss, Dio, and Motley Crue songs on this great CD. ¡Muy caliente!


Ron Sobol
While they sort out the various legal issues surrounding that other Randy Rhoads book, this book and DVD reveal truckloads of never-before-seen photos from Ron Sobol of a young Randy Rhoads in all his bow-tied, velvet-pantsed, “Slick Black Cadillac” glory. There are some great guitar tidbits, like the reason Randy was photographed in the early days playing a Dan Armstrong or a Les Paul Jr. is because his SG wouldn’t ever stay in tune. The tunes don’t all hold up so well but RR is consistently great. We miss you, Randy! Red Match.

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