Live show wrap: GP Presents Jose Feliciano March 7th at Yoshi’s Oakland

March 13, 2013
imgSpirits at Jose Feliciano’s March 7th show at Yoshi’s Oakland were sky high, and Feliciano impressed on several levels. Watching a blind man execute fretboard mastery was even more impressive considering Feliciano also suffers from Dupuytren’s contracture in his left hand—a connective tissue disorder where the fingers bend towards the palm and cannot be fully extended. Even so, Feliciano’s fretting was accurate and nimble. The 67 year-old told  that he undergoes regular therapy and simply refuses to let the affliction slow him down.

The acoustic icon mostly played a Sand Guitars custom nylon string throughout the evening while he radiated humility. “I’m no Bob Dylan or Paul Simon, but I feel I’m finally coming into my own as a songwriter,” pronounced the cover song master as he launched into his romantic original composition “Believe Me When I Tell You.”
Feliciano earned a spot in GP’s Gallery of Greats in 1977 for winning five Best Pop Guitarist titles. At Yoshi’s he thanked Guitar Player for giving him credibility.

Thank you, Jose Feliciano, for your generous spirit and endless inspiration! 
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