Letter of the Month(3)

March 14, 2005

After checking out Mike Varney’s Spotlight in the February issue of GP, I realized what was keeping me out of the spotlight: a black shirt! So I put one on, and what a difference it made! I even A/B tested it with an aqua shirt, and the black won hands down—more sustain, better intonation, and tone to die for.

All kidding aside, what a truly great magazine. Thanks for spotlighting great players who may not sell a million records, but put more into it then many who do. If this letter actually makes it to the Letter of the Month spot, I hope the “snazzy” GP t-shirt is—you guessed it—black.

Mark Poddany
Toledo, OH

Mark—you’ll be pleased to hear that yes, indeed, we do have a black tee available for you.

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