La Guitara

February 14, 2006

“All of the women guitarists involved in La Guitara are really amazing players, and the breadth of their talents is really huge,” says guitarist and singer/songwriter Patty Larkin, who masterminded the compilation album and tour bearing the project’s name. “La Guitara isn’t about separating or segmenting these fantastic guitarists that are at the top of their game. It’s about celebrating their remarkable work, and creating an environment for lots of people to get excited about it.”

The inaugural La Guitara tour—which hit San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall last November—brought together Larkin, jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, and fingerstylists Muriel Anderson and Kaki King for an inspirational evening of top-flight musicianship.

“I’m very honored to be part of La Guitara,” says Anderson. “Patty did a wonderful job of putting together a fantastic group of very accomplished guitarists. It really answers the question, ‘Why are there no women guitarists playing at a high level?’ Well, here they are!”

“I think La Guitara is something that’s long overdue,” adds King. “It’s happening at the right place, and at the right time. It underlines the fact that when women make music, it’s not about who is the fastest or best player in a particular style or genre. It’s about the uniqueness of what women can bring to the instrument.”

“In terms of addressing the glass ceiling women face, I think the music industry can only progress at the pace of society in general,” says Fox. “The business is mirroring the same issues our culture is facing, and as the world continues to change, more opportunities will be available for women. Making that happen has a lot to do with generating visibility, and I think this tour is a significant step in that direction.”
—Anil Prasad,

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