Judas Priest on Judas Priest

April 19, 2005

“This was all created from an original source, and that source was forged by our chemistry as a group. You see, we have no problem stepping into each other’s territory. We’re not worried about stepping forward. Glenn and Ken [Downing] suggest vocals and lyrics, and I ask them to try my ideas for guitar parts. It’s not blinkin’ saying, ‘Don’t step into my world.’ It’s about being open, honest, and direct with the people you’re making music with. The goal is getting the song where it needs to be, and you can’t front something if you don’t believe in it.”

“We wanted two guitarists, so one could concentrate on lead, and the other could carry on with a pounding rhythm guitar,” adds guitarist Glenn Tipton. “We could also play quite complicated harmonies together. We’ve always been experimental, and we’ve never felt there were any rules. Some people say there’s no room for melody in metal, but we disproved that. We’ve broadened the boundaries of metal, and, as a result, we’ve created a lot more room for ourselves and other bands to maneuver.”

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