John Jorgenson Gets Great Tones with Tiny Amps

May 1, 2010

gp0510_riffs_jj_nr“I had forgotten about a session I had booked until the last minute, so I just grabbed the quickest things I could get into the car before driving to the studio,” says John Jorgenson. “They consisted of a DeArmond two-pickup solidbody—my wife allows it to live on a stand in our dining room, because it’s purple and matches the furniture— and a tiny Vox AC1 battery-powered amp. The tone from that combination of guitar and amp, miked with a Neumann, sounded incredible, and both the producer and the artist were knocked out by it. The tone was rich with harmonics and feedback, and it was actually quite lively and powerful sounding in the track. I, of course, pretended it was all planned out.









gp0510_riffs_fend_nr“Another example is my solo in the Hellecaster’s ‘Dieter’s Lounge’ from Hell III. I used a prototype of my Fender Custom Shop signature guitar running through a Cry Baby wah into the tiny, battery- powered Fender Bassman with four 1" speakers. The tone sounded like a trumpet instead of a guitar, which really enhanced the ‘lounge-jazz’ quality of the second half of the song.”











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