JIM MARSHALL 1936-2010

March 24, 2010

0.0000jmtrustJim Marshall, perhaps the most revered rock photographer in the world—and a wonderful friend and contributor to GUITAR PLAYER—passed away Tuesday in New York City. He was 74. The exuberant and always working Marshall passed as he probably would have liked—on the job, promoting his new book, MATCH PRINTS.

Marshall’s iconic shots of rock, jazz, blues, and country stars have adorned the GUITAR PLAYER offices for years, portraying everything from Muddy Waters sitting on a dilapidated chair on his porch, to Paul and John singing on one mic at the Beatles Candlestick Park concert in San Francisco, to Mike Bloomfield recording guitar tracks while laying on the studio floor. Every image is stunning. It seems as if the entire history of rock music was filtered through his camera lens.

He was also as much a rock and rock rebel as his subjects. He’d show up to the GUITAR PLAYER offices with a revolver in his coat pocket, and he’d unleash all manner of fire and brimstone on those who he felt cheated him, disrespected him, or ignored him.

For a personal tribute to Marshall from GUITAR PLAYER Art Director Paul Haggard, click here.

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