Jersey Girl Keekruder disturber

March 1, 2005

I’m clueless as to what Keekruder means, but this multi-talented pedal offers tons of grind, a huge low-end, and a footswitchable Voice function that works kind of like a “cocked” wah pedal. The Japanese-made Keekruder ($349 retail/$289 street) is very responsive to guitar-volume changes, and it pours out intense distortion when you turn up the Disturb knob. Activating the Voice footswitch summons whatever texture of “yowl” you’ve dialed in with the Voice knob—which is a neat effect, in spite of the fact that the circuit’s bandwidth is a little too wide to really simulate the sound of a CryBaby held in a set position à la Michael Schenker. Nevertheless, the ability to have two radically different tones at the touch of a button gives the Keekruder greater versatility than most distortion pedals.

KUDOS: Delivers mondo sustain and low-end heft. Hip Voice function.


CONTACT: Dist. by Boston Guitar Imports, (888) 422-3228;

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