JangleBox Compressor

January 20, 2006

But in addition to fulfilling its prime objective, the JangleBox ($215 direct) is also capable of producing lots of other engaging and highly musical sounds, from subtle increases in sustain and shimmer to over-the-top pumping and breathing effects—all with minimal noise.

Ed Pick

I was immediately impressed with the JangleBox, and became increasingly enamored the more I experimented with it. Although you can get a great sound by simply setting the Gain and Attack knobs a little past halfway, the controls are extremely versatile, and function much like those on ’60s-era studio compressors—controlling multiple parameters simultaneously, and interacting in significant ways. Switching from Normal to Dark mode with the mini-toggle yielded softer sounds reminiscent of a vintage Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, whereas Bright mode aggressively emphasized chimey high-end overtones, making my electric 12-string and other guitars ring with true authority. This is a unique pedal that absolutely oozes personality and vintage vibes, which is why it receives an Editors’ Pick Award.

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