Izotope Releases X64 And Universal Binary Plug-Ins

July 24, 2006

Updates for all three plug-ins:

- Universal Binary versions for Intel-based Macs

- Support for 64-bit Windows applications

- Improved authorization system

- Improved delay compensation support with delay freeze function

- "Alt-Solo" bandwidth can be changed with the mouse wheel

Ozone 3 updates:

- Improved EQ snapshot import under Mac OS X

- Smooth crossover changes in multiband modules

Trash updates:

- Fully automatable Buzz module

- 200% feedback settings for Buzz module

- Smooth crossover changes in multiband modules

- Host tempo sync for delay time and LFO rate

Spectron updates:

- Host tempo sync for LFO rate

- Host tempo sync for Delay module nodes

- Numeric entry for node parameters

iZotope Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash are available to purchase directly from iZotope, and are distributed to retail stores worldwide by M-Audio. Updates for Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash are free to download for registered users on iZotope's website at www.izotope.com.

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