Hip Tip From Leo Nocentelli

June 27, 2006

“Based on my experience, songwriting is the key to developing a unique style,” says Nocentelli. “Growing up and gigging around New Orleans, I absorbed every style like a sponge—from rock to jazz to R&B. When I began writing songs, I forgot about all of that, and I just let my own thing come out naturally. ‘Sophisticated Cissy’ and ‘Cissy Strut’ were two of the first songs I wrote, and after people heard them live, they’d say, ‘That’s the funkiest stuff I’ve ever heard!’ But it wasn’t until we recorded those songs with the Meters, and I heard them played back in the studio for the first time, that I realized how unique the sound and style was. I started writing more songs in that style, and I’ve been the funk guy ever since.”

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