Hip Tip from Diana Anaid

December 29, 2004

Australia’s Diana Anaid self-financed her first CD for $10,000, and, without a press kit, photos, or a manager, managed to chart one of her country’s big summer hits in 1998. Now that’s a story of affecting people with pure music, rather than media gymnastics. Her latest release, Beautiful Obscene [Five Crowns Music], also cuts right to a listener’s soul with brave and unsparing views of everyday life.

“You can do wonders in a home studio,” she says, “but it all comes down to the songs in the end, and they have to be honest and strike at the heart. This is why I don’t hold back with my lyrics, and sometimes I write stuff that probably shouldn’t be said. I’ve lost friends over some of the songs I’ve written, and I really don’t care. I wrote the truth. I am selfish in that way. I don’t want to hold back anything, because someone might have been through the same experience, and they may need somebody to tell them, ‘Hey, I came through the other side, and I’m okay. You will be, too.’ So if I hold back on one sentence that says, ‘My heart was ripped out and stomped into the ground,’ then I’m being a liar, and I didn’t get into writing songs to lie to people.” •

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