Hear Audio for the August 2007 Review of the IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix!

July 1, 2007

:18 I bring in an octave lick using basically one of the “Third Stone From The Sun” settings, which consisted of no pedals and the dimed out Marshall through a 4x12 with JBLs. They added a slight mid boost with the Parametric EQ, I added alittle Stereo Reverb from the rack.

:27 I add some UniVibe

:36 I bend up some unisons with the solo setting from “Fire”— an Octa-V through the Marshall with the gain on 7 and JBL’s.

:43 I add the Rotary speaker

:55 I solo out with the Fuzz-One through the same Marshall setup, some Tube Compression and some Stereo Reverb.

1:10 I kick in the Wah. Not having a MIDI pedal set up, I added this after playing the whole solo, controlled the Wah with my mouse, and edited it afterwards—something I think Jimi would have loved but never got to do.

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