Happy Camping with Steve Howe and Paul Gilbert

June 4, 2013

Paul Gilbert guiding campers through last year’s GGE.
TWO OF THE WORLD’S MOST accomplished guitarists will bring their mastery to the Music Masters Camp series this summer at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York, just 17 miles west of Woodstock in the Catskills mountains.

Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar escape, July 8-12
“The main thing about the camp, of course, is that we’re there in person,” says Gilbert, who is hosting his second annual camp. “It’s not a video, it’s not an online thing—it’s human beings together—and I try to really take advantage of that opportunity. When I was a kid, one of the most inspiring things that happened in my musical life was watching my uncle—who was an excellent guitar player—from about three feet away. That closeness really gave me a sense of what I needed to do to make the instrument sound right. So, I try to get people close to me onstage, so they can get that not only from me, but also from the other instructors. We’ll try to give them motivation as well as information. Joining me will be rock guitarist Andy Timmons, Berklee music theory instructor Scotty Johnson, jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, blues and slide player Tony Spinner, and Polish guitarist Adam Fulara, who has an extraordinary tapping technique.”

Steve Howe’s Cross styles music retreat August, 19-23
“What I bring to the party is my more than 50 years of experience, and my love of playing the guitar,” says Howe. “I don’t focus on the normal technical stuff, however, because that’s not really me, or how I think of music. For example, I can’t read music and I can’t tell you whether I’m playing in 5/4 or not. Instead, I’ll cover a selection of key topics—including writing, recording, and performing—while at the same time trying to remain as spontaneous and creative as possible, which is a bit like my playing. And for those who are interested in the more technical aspects, I’ve got an amazing Italian classical guitarist named Flavio Sala, along with another great guitarist and instructor named Ray Matuza. They know a lot about my music and can talk demi-semiquavers if that’s what you are interested in.”

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