Hang 'em High Announces New Acoustic Guitar Hanger

October 21, 2008

It is designed for both right or left handed electric and acoustic guitars and basses with bodies from 1 to 6 inches thick, with or without headstocks.

The Hang'em High hanger is one of the best and safest ways to hang your guitar. The instrument sets on durable black foam rubber grips that fully cover steel hanger brackets to protect the instrument from scratches. The hanger creates the least amount of stress on the guitar neck than any other guitar wall hanger because the weight is off of the guitar headstock and is placed on the guitar body and mid neck, the same as when you are holding and playing the instrument. You can safely hang and display your guitar without any long term damage and warping to the guitar neck and headstock.

You can remove and hang your instrument very easily within seconds with this hanger just as simple as picking it up and setting it down, unlike other angled wall hangers where you have to remove your guitar strap to hang your guitar. With the Hang'em High guitar hanger you can leave the guitar strap on your instrument, ready to pick up and play.

These hangers are constructed with strong red oak wood bases with counter sunk holes for the mounting screws and come in three finishes, Black, Classic Oak and Natural Oak. The steel hanger brackets are fully covered with durable black foam rubber grips. The hangers come with mounting hardware that gives the instrument the security it needs with two anchor points for each base rated at 50 lbs each to ensure the hanger and instrument will stay up on the wall. This is especially important considering you're hanging something very valuable on it. Each Hanger is backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at hangemhighguitarhangers.com.


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