Hall of Fame Reverb

April 22, 2011

Every once in a while, you plug into a pedal, and, suddenly, you’re transported to Tone Paradise. You barely touched a knob, and yet all is wonder and goodness and bliss. That’s the Hall of Fame Reverb ($149 street). This is one of the smoothest, most cinematically musical reverb pedals I’ve ever heard, and it instantly gives your guitar a Hi-Def, 3D, goosebump- inducing shimmer—even if you’re one of those more-is-more crazies who can’t stop themselves from using way too much of a damn good effect.

The HOF’s ten reverbs are so luscious that I’d have no problem dumping my fancy convolution reverb plug-ins in the studio, and using this pedal to process vocals, drums, percussion, strings, and more. With just four knobs (Decay, Tone, FX Level, program select) and a short/long pre-delay switch, you can conjure undulating ambiences, mix the expanse of a large environment with an extremely short decay, cop gated ’verb skanks, subtly blend billowing reflections under a sharp rhythmic attack, and, using the modulated reverb setting, launch ultravibey, Cocteau Twins-influenced jangle torrents. You can even kill the dry signal via an internal switch to produce ghostly note cascades. I’m so taken with the HOF that I call it the “Motivator,” because every time I plug into it, its sounds inspire me to create new riffs and melodic lines.

KUDOS Stunning sonic quality. Versatile. So smooth you can slather it on without drowning your tone.

CONCERNS No TonePrints available at press time.

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