Hall & Frisell on ArtistShare

April 1, 2009

“Breaking down the wall between the artist and the fan has been the foundation of ArtistShare’s business model, and we have found that artists do some of their best work when that wall is broken down,” says the company’s Brian Camelio. Founded in 2003, ArtistShare is a hybrid business—record label, social networking site, new media marketing agency, and business consulting group—which allows an artist’s fans to directly fund and participate in the creative process. ArtistShare’s impressive roster includes virtuoso guitarists such as Torben Waldorff, Kate Schutt, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jim Hall, and Bill Frisell. Hall and Frisell’s Hemispheres is an exhilarating double-CD featuring duo performances, and ensemble pieces with drummer Joey Baron and bassist Scott Colley.

“ArtistShare is a very forward thinking concept—and with the rapid development of the Internet and the state of the economy it seems to be becoming increasingly viable,” says Hall. “I have been recording since 1956, and it always feels as if the music comes first when working with them. Brian was there throughout the entire process and the overall feeling was encouraging, not controlling, which allowed Bill and me lots of creative freedom.”

Frisell’s take on the experience was equally positive: “Throughout much of my musical life, Jim Hall has been there for me as an inspiration, teacher, and friend,” he says. “I was so happy when he and Brian asked me to do this recording, because it was a dream come true. ArtistShare is there to help us make music and get it out there.”

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