Hal Leonard Releases Song Charting Made Easy A Play-Along Guide to the Nashville Number System

October 12, 2010

0.0000.aahlcchartingIf you're a songwriter who needs to chart out your latest composition, or the guy in the band who has to rewrite chord charts whenever someone decides to play a song in a different key, Jim Riley's going to save you some serious time and energy. Riley, a highly accomplished musician and the drummer for Rascal Flatts, has written Song Charting Made Easy: A Play-Along Guide to the Nashville Number System. This unique title for all musicians is now available from Hal Leonard.

Song Charting Made Easy teaches the famous "number system" of notation—a staple in the fast-paced Nashville session community—in a methodical way that's easy to understand. Using this system, any musician can learn how to write one concise chart that the whole band can use: we're talking about an entire song, on a half sheet of paper, in less than five minutes! The accompanying CD features more than 90 musical examples for demonstration and reference.
Riley covers the basic principles of the Number System, as well as these topics: major and minor chords; straight and syncopated rhythms; repeat signs and odd meters; inversions, accidentals, and non-diatonic chords; accents, pedal tones, advanced voicings, and key changes; integrating standard notation; and much more.
For more information or to place an order for Song Charting Made Easy (00311820 / $19.99) from Hal Leonard, please visit your local music dealer or contact Music Dispatch (www.musicdispatch.com, 800-637-2852).

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