Hal Leonard Publishes 'Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps and Effects'  

July 14, 2011
<img src="/Portals/0/Modern_Guitar_Rigs.jpg" alt="img" style="float: left; margin-right: 9px; margin-bottom: 9px;" />Hal Leonard Books, the musician&rsquo;s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published <em>Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps and Effects</em> ($24.99) by Scott Kahn. &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <em>Modern Guitar Rigs</em> covers topics of interest to guitarists looking to build pro-level rigs, whether they're playing clubs at the indie band level, getting set for a major tour, heading into the studio to record a new album, or just searching for &ldquo;ultimate tone.&rdquo; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> "Guitar magazines routinely talk about commonly available guitars, amps, and effects, but they don't really cover the components that go into assembling a professional guitar rig,&rdquo; explains Kahn. &ldquo;After hearing the same questions come up repeatedly from so many guitar players, I found myself pondering, 'If only there were a book that really explained all this complex rig stuff,' and then I discovered that no such book existed."&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Kahn, a technologist and accomplished guitar player, dissects complex guitar set-ups for multiple scenarios with an informal, relaxed style and calls attention to detail with bullet-point lists. &nbsp;Photos of the latest professional gear and actual rig examples of top guitarists add interest and application to the discussion. &nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> <br /> <em>Modern Guitar Rigs</em> explores advanced topics including:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &bull; Rack gear: multi-effects processors and dedicated signal processors, audio loopers, amp function switching systems, and MIDI foot controllers<br /> &bull; Amp setups: wet/dry/wet configurations, rack-mounted tube preamps and power amps, stereo rigs, integrating pedals and rack gear, and floor-based loop systems<br /> &bull; Guitar options: piezoelectric pickups and splitting guitar signals to multiple amps &bull; Effect loops: choosing the right loop for your specific needs<br /> &bull; Rig infrastructure: power conditioning, noise suppression, power attenuators, wireless systems, custom cabling, and equipment racks<br /> &bull; Rigs of the stars: a look at the complex rigs used by many leading guitar players, including John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Alex Lifeson of Rush, and Steven Wilson and John Wesley of Porcupine Tree<br /> &bull; Interviews with leading custom rig builders, including the legendary Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics &nbsp;<br /> <br /> For players looking to move beyond a simple pedal board and combo amp, there is no more definitive book on the topic of advanced guitar rigs than <em>Modern Guitar Rigs</em>.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The book comes with a bonus DVD with more than an hour of video including &ldquo;Building a Pro Guitar Rig&rdquo;, &ldquo;Setting Up Your First Small Rack&rdquo;, &ldquo;Taming The Pedalboard&rdquo;, and a music video of the song &ldquo;The Sky is Falling&rdquo; by the progressive rock band Days Before Tomorrow, featuring Scott Kahn on guitar.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <em>Modern Guitar Rigs</em><br /> Hal Leonard Books&nbsp;<br /> July 2011&nbsp;<br /> 158 pages, 8.5&rdquo; x 11&rdquo;&nbsp;<br /> Paperback with DVD&nbsp;<br /> $24.99, ISBN 978-1-4234-9944-2 &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.halleonardbooks.com/" target="_blank"><strong>www.halleonardbooks.com</strong></a><br /> <div><br /> </div>
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