Guitar Chords 101

August 19, 2005

“We are really trying to get away from the idea of thinking of grips on a guitar, and more thinking about voicings in a musical way,” says Rick Peckham, who teaches the online course Guitar Chords 101. “In all styles, there are chords, and some chords are used more than others, but there is really a basic foundation of triads and 7th chords. And so the idea of this course is to make it so that people will be conversant with those chords, and so they can be used in any style.”

For their assignments, students record themselves playing along with practice tracks, and upload the file to Rick for review. Peckham then gives them feedback about their technique and areas in which they could improve. For Peckham, the interaction between students and their instructor and classmates allows them to learn more quickly and with less aggravation than they would if studying an instruction book alone at home. “A lot of books are well constructed, but the person that buys the book takes the book home and tries their best to get through it, and there really isn’t anything for them to do if they get stuck at any point,” he says. "With this online course, there's going to be interaction, not just between the students and the instructor, but also amongst the students themselves. Essentially there will be a whole field of people going through the material at the same time - it really has all of the best aspects of having a buddy that's going through the program with you."

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