Gig-Fx Launches Peter Frampton Signature MEGAWAH

November 15, 2010

0.0000.agigfxGig-fx inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Peter Frampton Signature Megawah. Peter Frampton, the Grammy Award winning guitar legend and rock icon, has endorsed a gig-fx Megawah specially tailored to his specifications. Peter has long been a fan of gig-fx pedals and has the Megawah and Prochop pedals as permanent fixtures on his pedal board. The new Signature pedal features the established Megawah sound with a slightly warmer high end and more defined lower end response.   Peter: “My Signature Megawah is a very special pedal. It has a unique sound with a warmth I can't get with anything else. It out-performs any wah out there with it's exceptional tone and different modes.  I love it - it's on my pedal board already!"

The all-analog Signature pedal features four settings actuated by a selector switch: a classic wah sound called ‘Cry’, the famous Megawah sound featuring a deep bass response for funkier quacking and more expressive wailing, a funky envelope wah with adjustable trigger sensitivity, and an auto-wah with adjustable rate. Four great effects in one pedal with superb analog tones.

The Signature Peter Frampton Megawah uses optical control and is by-passed when the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the pedal is pressed forward. The pedal also features a user-adjustable off-delay so that the effect does not turn off inadvertently when rocking the pedal. Another difference is that Peter’s signature model is a mono pedal whereas the original Megawah is stereo in and out with two complete wah circuits. Being mono, Peter’s pedal offers cost savings over its stereo sister product.

The pedal features ‘Better than true bypass’ TM circuitry which preserves guitar signals through cables better than a true bypass will (see published test results on

The Signature pedal adds to the popular Megawah legend, a pedal which is finding more and more favor with professional players such as Nick McCabe (The Verve), Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac), Robin Finck (NIN), Johnny Hiland and more.

gig-fx designs and manufactures unique and innovative effect pedals.  All gig-fx pedals are housed in road-worthy, lightweight aircraft quality aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape.  See and hear gig-fx products at

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