FuzzHugger Releases the Pipe Amp

November 23, 2010

0.0000.aaapipeampFuzzHugger is excited to introduce the Pipe Amp, a cordless portable guitar amplifier with surprising volume, fat tones, and durability.
Perfect for practicing and songwriting, it was designed to be both rugged and fun to play. No tinny tones here—the Pipe Amp features dirty drives and thick, crazy fuzz tones! Thanks to it's design, the 3" speaker is louder and fatter than it has any right to be. Jam in the bathroom, tour bus, on the roof, in the woods...it's perfect for a backpack or suitcase (but don't crank it in your motel room or you'll get complaints!).
The Pipe Amp is powered by a 9-volt battery with long-lasting operation. It can even serve as a backup amp, as it comes with a Line Out jack that can drive any speaker cabinet! Each Pipe Amp is hand-wired and built, with the highest quality components, in the United States.
•    3" speakerwith 1" surrounding projection cone
•    Two Modes: Overdrive & Fuzz
•    Trim Knob: Use with guitar's Volume knob to control volume and sound
•    Line Out- 8ohm
•    5.25" x 5.25"at widest points
•    Powered by a 9v battery
•    Built in the USA
•    Limited Lifetime Warranty
Price: Currently on sale for $95
For more information, visit their website at FuzzHugger.com.

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