June 22, 2006


I’ve been a subscriber for 28 years, and I have to say that the May ’06 issue has to be the single best I’ve ever read. The issue should be required reading for seasoned players and beginners alike. I’ve just gotten back into playing after a nearly two-year playing drought. For whatever reason—perhaps it was my recent quad-bypass surgery —the muse just went away. This issue could not have been more timely for me, as the tips and quotes helped rekindle the deep love I have for the guitar—as well as the sheer joy and pleasure I get from playing. The calluses and chops are back, but I must give you guys—and all of the players that shared their wisdom—thanks for helping to reignite my soul.

Geo Jacopec, Glen Allen, VA

If Guitar Player is the Bible for guitarists, then your “99 Ways to Play Better Now!” article is the Book of Proverbs. The quote that inspired me the most was #93 by Bill Nelson: “The best performances are completely unselfconscious—where you’re inside the music, and it’s leading you, and you just follow where it goes.” Spoken like a true prophet of the God of sound.

Rich Moore, Via Internet

Being a totally and completely unrepentant guitar junkie, I wait with great anticipation for each issue of GP. I enjoy everything in it—especially the gear reviews and lessons. But you really outdid yourselves with May’s “99 Ways” feature. While reading through it, I realized I already incorporated many of the suggestions, and then it occurred to me that I had learned them from previous issues of GP. It’s good to know that I retain much of what you have in your magazine, because I try to use it every day.

Jeff Lehenbauer, Las Vegas, NV

Regarding your May 2006 cover story, I’d like to commend you for including three tips from Dave Wronski, the relatively unknown and under-appreciated guitarist for the modern-surf trio Slacktone. It is both a blessing and a shame that I can fly to San Diego to see Slacktone perform at a small club, and stand right up front, admiring his Jaguar mastery from a mere three feet away. Because he plays surf, Wronski—who is every bit as good as the big-name, big-bucks players who wind up on your covers—is still something of a secret to those of us who follow and play surf-instro. I’m glad you gave him a touch of the recognition he deserves. And it doesn’t hurt that his tips were original and very helpful.

Damian Fanelli, Cranford, NJ


I was psyched when I saw that you guys did an article on Children Of Bodom. They are an amazing band. I’m so glad to see GP start getting into more newer metal and hardcore. I’ve seen a few articles in the past on bands like the Absence and the Black Dahlia Murder, but nothing like the three page article you did on COB. I realize it’s probably hard to do articles on a lot of hardcore/black metal bands because a lot of GP readers aren’t into that kind of stuff, but I’m very appreciative when you do. Keep up the great work!

Eddie Bingaman, Via Internet

Go figure! Just when I decided that your “magazine”—or, should I say, collection of advertisements and tired old farts—was a waste of money, you finally do an article on someone new and worth reading about (Children of Bodom). But the sad truth is that one good article doesn’t make up for the other 172 pages of crap!

B. Flagg, Waterford, ME


In the May ’06 Budget Solidbody Roundup, we accidentally understated the street price for the Fernandes Ravelle. The correct amount is $299.

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