January 1, 2011

gp0111_gear_3614sm_nr.jpg00gp_edpickThe F-30R STD follows the same physical outline as the F-30 STD but features solid rosewood back and sides. The cosmetics on both models are almost identical as well, although the R version sports a wood marquetry back stripe as opposed to the F-30’s unadorned back.

The F-30R STD plays every bit as well as its mahogany bodied cousin, but here is where you really appreciate how different woods affect the tone. In the F-30R’s case, this manifests sonically in the form of enhanced midrange bloom, deeper and more pianistic lows, and a silkier set of highs that ring sweetly but aren’t too zingy. It all adds up to making the F-30R the better choice for fingerstylists who crave complexity and prismatic note detail, as well as solo performers who want a guitar with a blossoming, fullbodied sound to support their vocals. Overall, the F-30R STD is a very inspiring guitar and it earns an Editors’ Pick Award.

















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