Ernie Ball: Coated Titanium Electric Slinky Strings

January 1, 2009

We tested several Regular sets on various Fender, Gibson, and PRS guitars. Although the ultra-thin coating was detectable, overall the feel was much like that of uncoated strings, facilitating an easy transition from one type to the other. (The difference was more apparent after a week or two of regular use, when the usual corrosion hadn’t taken place.) The coated Slinkys also have essentially the same tonal characteristics as Nickel Wound Slinkys, though they are slightly less bright, making them a particularly good match with single-coil pickups. They have a balanced sound from string to string, and hold their pitch admirably. Put simply: If you are a Slinky fan now, these strings will feel and sound very familiar—they’ll just last a whole lot longer.

KUDOS Excellent, well-balanced tone. Traditional feel. Exceptionally /> CONCERNS None.
CONTACT Ernie Ball, (805) 544-7726;

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