Eric Lacovara

October 20, 2005

Age: 36
Style: Rock fusion
Influences: Brett Garsed, Greg Howe
Main Guitar: Modified Fender Stratocaster
Location: Limerick, Pennsylvania

Background: Lacovara didn’t begin playing guitar until the tail end of high school, but made up for lost time while attending college, where he spent most of his spare hours studying and recording. Originally influenced by a variety of musical styles, Lacovara eventually delved deeply into rock fusion, including studying with Greg Howe, which greatly influenced his sound.

Constantly striving to take his playing to the next level, Lacovara is in the process of recording his fourth CD. He stays active as an instructor at a local conservatory, as well as recording and performing live. Lacovara feels he is able to glean something from any great musician—a philosophy that has helped him further develop his writing, execution, and personal style, as well as creating more memorable melodic phrases.


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