Editor Boy's Latest Live Discoveries: Punk Floyd

March 22, 2012

Punk Floyd at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco.
As Keyboard and Electronic Musician art director Patrick Wong and I are now on the fractured tribute-band scene with our “Punk the Monkees” concept act, the Trouble with Monkeys, we’re meeting some very strange groups indeed. One such crew is Punk Floyd. While it’s no shock these cats do punk versions of Pink Floyd classics, you really have to experience the trio live to appreciate the speed and ferocity at which those songs are unleashed.

Guitarist John Poultney (a.k.a. David Killmore) weaves his nightmarish tonal textures with an ’80s Strat clone (a Seymour Duncan Twang Banger is in the bridge position), D’Addario strings (a .012 set), and Dunlop .88mm picks. Poultney’s amp is a tiny Marshall Reverb 12 screwed onto a barstool, though he replaced the stock 10" speaker with a Celestion G12-65 to get more bass. For “One of These Days,” the guitarist switches to a ’40s Magnatone lap-steel, and for the sequencer bits of “On the Run,” he uses a Korg Monotribe ribbon synth, a Korg miniKP Kaoss Pad, and a Yamaha SU-10 sampler routed through a Realistic 4-channel mixer into a ’70s-era Roland Cube 40.

Bassist Matt Granz (a.k.a. Roger Rotten) pummels his ’80s Ibanez Roadstar II (picked up at a garage sale for $50) as if his wrist were a possessed jackhammer, and his Gallien- Krueger MB150S is set to an absolutely barking-mad midrange. The aggressively polyrhythmic Skip Hovorka (a.k.a. Brick Napalm) rounds out the trio on his Sonor drum kit. The overall effect is seriously clever, musically compelling, and, ultimately, frightening. It’s as if all of Syd’s and Roger’s demons were dumped into a gallon jug with a horde of pissed-off killer bees. Beware. facebook.com/pages/Punk-Floyd.

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