Dytone Music Dive

March 1, 2005

So named because players said they could “dive” into the music they made with it, the German-made Music Dive ($189 retail/street price N/A) is for those who revel in thick distortion textures. This pedal offers gobs of output and grind, however, the output level is also dependent on the setting of the Distortion control (i.e. clean overdrive is not an option). The Dive borders on being overly flabby with humbuckers, even with the Tone control turned up. It rocks better with single-coils, delivering meaty, articulate grind. A cool pedal for blues to metal, this little terror should satisfy anyone who craves a creamier crunch with big bottom.

KUDOS Ultra-thick distortion spoken here.

CONCERNS Doesn’t allow for a low distortion/high-output setting.

CONTACT (011) 49 309 620 5245;dytone.de

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