April 1, 2003

Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Shop
Maintenance &Setup/Electric Guitars &Basses, Vol. 1 and 2
With this excellent, two-DVD set by master guitar repairman Dan Erlewine, you can learn how to keep your electric guitar or bass in top playing form night after night. Step up to Erlewine’s workbench at Stewart-MacDonald’s Guitar Shop Supply in Athens, Ohio, and learn about cleaning finishes and potentiometers, slotting bridge saddles to match fretboard radius, straightening collapsed Tune-o-matic bridges, freeing stuck trussrods, refurbishing nuts, setting intonation, and adjusting polepiece height. Erlewine also shows you how to fine tune a Bigsby vibrato, perform several handy Danelectro mods, replace the pickups on an archtop guitar, fix a back-bowed bass neck, and set up a Telecaster, a Strat, and an Ibanez JEM Steve Vai model. Erlewine’s easy-going manner makes this a fun experience for DIY-oriented pickers, and you’ll also want to investigate his two-DVD series on acoustic and resophonic guitars. stewmac.com.

—Art Thompsong


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